Monday, 22 February 2010

Sensa, a diet revolution. …To good to be true ?!

First of all I want to make myself clear, I am not promoting this product I’m just curious on finding out if it works or not. We all know that diet pills don’t work and if they do at the end you have either damaged your liver or gained all the weight back. I was intrigued by the reviews that Sensa is getting and was wondering if anyone has heard/tried it ?
Sensa states that all you have to do is sprinkle the crystals on to your food at every meal and by doing so is helps curb your appétit. Hmmm is it to good to be true?

Source: Sensa

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Stop the pop

When I was pregnant I used to get so frustrated with my belly button. It used to show through all my tops. I got so self conscious about it because every time
I went somewhere I would get the same reaction " oh is that your bellybutton?? does it hurt? does it go back in?" ukhhh I got so sick of it that I desperately searched the net for a solution and I found my savior ! The popper stopper by Miss Oops.The popper Stoppers are used to cover belly buttons that go “pop” during pregnancy. They are Latex-free and medically approved.

Ubi changing table

Another great mom invention is here to help you out with messy diaper changes! As babies get older diaper changes become more difficult. Holding your baby’s legs in one hand and trying to place the diaper in the other, while your baby is squirming around trying to break free!

The Ubi changing table is made of bent wood and upholstered with an easy-to-clean surface. It features fasteners on the top surface which holds the diaper in place while changing baby. In addition, it also has a built-in diaper dispenser, which stores a small stack of diapers and automatically feeds a diaper to the top surface after baby is changed.

Friday, 19 February 2010

Feeling under the weather

I haven't been feeling too well these days. The weather is getting to me. One day its warm then its cold, and now its hot, make up your mind!!
Im not one for taking medication so I always try to make my own flu remedies. One of the best remedies that works wonders is ginger tea.

All you need is:
Lemon juice

First of all get the water boiling and simmer 1-inch of ginger for 15 -20 minutes. Add around 4 tablespoons of lemon and honey to the pot after you are finished simmering the ginger.

Then all you have to do is strain it into your cup and enjoy. The great thing about this is you can refrigerate the extra tea and heat it up again when ever you need it.

Keep in mind that you can play with the amounts of lemon juice and honey depending on your own taste buds ☺

Friday, 12 February 2010

Thursday, 11 February 2010

The Cubeo

CubeoTM comes with over 80 re-useable stickers featuring common schoolbag items for all school grades and extracurricular activities. CubeoTM makes remembering what to pack, and bring home, enjoyable and easy.
Children can add this funky accessory to their bag and ensure they never forget important items at home. Developed by Australian mums, the Cubeo is available in pink, blue, yellow and green.

Check out the mommy inventors video Cubeo

Sunday, 7 February 2010

Baby Bjorn

I'm a huge fan of Baby Bjon specially their carriers. Its the only carrier my husband feels comfortable using. I found these adorable Baby Bjorn videos on YouTube. The videos show us how babies power the bouncer and also how easy it is to get a sleeping baby out of their original carrier.

LINK: Baby Bjorn

Saturday, 6 February 2010

Kids and their chorse

I realize that my son is no longer a baby ( he will always be my baby in my mind), he is growing up to be a fine young boy and as much as I love to do things for him, its time for him to depend on him self. I decided to start a chore chart for him. The chart includes simple tasks such as: Cleaning his room, folding his clothes, making the bed, brushing his teeth, sharing with others, listening to mum and dad and so on. I know that he wont be able to do things perfectly but its just enough for him to build up his confidence. It helps him feel like he is contributing to things round the house. His face lights up when ever he does a chore correctly and gets a nice bright start in front of it. I made a deal with him that when the chart is full of stars he will be getting a surprise so its something for him to look forward to.

It is a great way for children to depend on themselves and I highly recommend you start one.

Here are a few websites that have free printable chore charts, all you have to do is add in the chores depending on the age of your child.
You can also create your own chore chart and turn it in to a fun activity that you can do with your children.

My reward board
Chore Charts
Behaviour Charts

Images: Reward Board


I just found out that one of my favorite high street stores TOPSHOP has launched its own TOPSHOP MINI which is a baby line. The line has a very limited collection but I cant wait to see how creative they get with it. I wonder if TOPSHOP Kuwait will be getting any of the items.

I love the mini tees, they are adorable!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Patemm Pads

Here is a “why didn’t I think of that" moment

The Patemm Pad was designed by a mom who found that the conventional changing pad never worked for her and her squirmy baby. The Patemm pad named after her 2 children Patrick and Emma is a practical alternative for on the go diaper changes. The round design makes it easier to keep your baby on the changing pad at all times. It is a-multi purpose changing accessory where it rolls up in to a diaper bag that you can toss under your stroller or even in your own handbag.

All you haute mamas out there, its time to get your thinking caps on and invent the next best thing ;)

LINK: Patemm

For my little man

You know the saying like father, like son well my son is a mini me version of his father. He copies everything his father does down to the kind of cologne he wears. I’m not exaggerating, to the point he goes to nursery in a shirt and tie just like his baba goes to the office. I found this store that sells really funky ties for boys. I cant wait to get my hands on a few of them. My son will be jumping up and down with excitement when they arrive.

LINK: Chloe in style

No more mess at dinner time

Dinner time at our house is a mess! Food literally goes everywhere sometime even in his diapers !! Don’t ask me how because I have no idea hahaha, so I definitely need a Bavetton, its pure genius !!

Lara Boudron, inspired by her daughter, and exhausted by the perpetual post-dinner mess, created a new, incredible concept:

Bavetton the Original

Bavetton is an extraordinary accessory for contemporary kids. It is a bib that becomes a tablecloth, allowing your dear little monster to eat as she/he pleases.
Bavetton is a huge bib made of tablecloth (you can wash it with a sponge), that creates a "pocket" between the kid and the table.With two snap-fasteners, you fold and un-fold this bib, as many times as you want, keeping everything, child included, clean.

LINK: Bavetton

Milk Deco

I finally received my copy of Milk Deco. Even though its 3 months late, it was so worth the wait. I love it!! It is filled with inspiration and stylish family homes from around the world. It also has the best of international design for children now. It is such a collector’s item, I always end up going back to the old issues to get inspired with new ideas.

Monday, 1 February 2010

Healthy eating

Trying to instill healthy eating habits in children is a tough job. I use different techniques to teach my kids about healthy eating by cooking delicious healthy food that look tasty and appealing to them and also by creating a fun atmosphere at the dinner table. There are all sorts of cookbooks out there that help. One book that I want to talk about is Deceptively Delicious. This book teaches you how to create healthy meals by hiding all the healthiest ingredients. I think it is such a creative way for fussy eaters but is it the right way to go? By doing so aren’t we cheating our children? Shouldn’t they know what foods are good for them and why?


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