Tuesday, 2 February 2010

No more mess at dinner time

Dinner time at our house is a mess! Food literally goes everywhere sometime even in his diapers !! Don’t ask me how because I have no idea hahaha, so I definitely need a Bavetton, its pure genius !!

Lara Boudron, inspired by her daughter, and exhausted by the perpetual post-dinner mess, created a new, incredible concept:

Bavetton the Original

Bavetton is an extraordinary accessory for contemporary kids. It is a bib that becomes a tablecloth, allowing your dear little monster to eat as she/he pleases.
Bavetton is a huge bib made of tablecloth (you can wash it with a sponge), that creates a "pocket" between the kid and the table.With two snap-fasteners, you fold and un-fold this bib, as many times as you want, keeping everything, child included, clean.

LINK: Bavetton

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