Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Skin maternity dress

Shopping for maternity wear can be a nightmare specially here in Kuwait, we have very limited choices when it comes to maternity wear. Most often we have to get a new wardrobe every couple of months. Skin is here to solve that problem. Marisol Rodríguez the designer behind the concept was fascinated by how the Japanese art of paper-folding could transform a perfectly flat material into something 3D. But fabric, not paper, interested her as an origami medium. In Skin, her limited-edition line of stylish, expandable clothing for pregnant women, she applies origami to organic cotton to break the hide-the-bulge mold of most maternity wear. “We want to highlight the belly,” says Rodríguez, now 29 and based in Brooklyn. “This is happiness that is showing through your clothes.” When she found out that her sister in-law is expecting her first baby she decided to design a maternity dress for her. Recognizing how little money most people in her native country Colombia have to spend on clothes, she conceived a design that would last throughout a woman’s pregnancy, minimizing what a mother-to-be would need to buy for herself. Suiting the pre and early-pregnancy body, right through to the larger last days, the middle section expands as you do, using both vertical and horizontal slits. The wider the openings, the more apparent the bright colors hiding underneath!

Pure genius !

Source: Via The Design Observer Group


  1. thats being creative ...i dont really like green on me but white is nice :)

  2. i prefer the white one as well :)



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