Wednesday, 6 January 2010


When I first had my baby I went through a paranoia stage where I kept checking on him every 5 minutes, he would never be out of my sight for a second I was always worried that something is bothering him, is he sleeping ok, is he to cold, warm enough or to warm? thoughts would be running through my mind like a crazy woman I seriously had to chill! that’s what I tell myself now looking back at all of it. When they are that small you never know whats wrong with them. They tell you that if your baby starts crying it can be one of three things they are hungry, tired or need their diaper changed. When it’s not one of these problems, it may mean they are uncomfortable and one of these discomforts is being to warm. Now here is where the Babyglow baby suit comes in. The Babyglow baby suit is designed to change color when your baby’s temperature rises to a dangerous level. How genius is that ?? Babyglow is designed and calibrated to change color when the temperature of the body rises over the normal body temperature of 37*C. This will assist parents to see early signs of fever or illness even before its visible in your child or to the human eye.
The Babyglow baby suits come in pastel green, blue and pink. When your child’s temperature rises above 37C (98.6F), the suit turns white, instantly alerting you that they are too hot.

Babyglow has not been released into the market yet but will soon be available to purchase.


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