Wednesday, 20 January 2010

mom Agenda

I’m the type of person that still saves dates, writes down notes and tracks appointments using the good old fashion way. I still carry around my filofax everywhere I go, even though I have my blackberry and Iphone with me. I just love having post its stuck on every page, highlighted appointments and little ideas that I get written down. Being a mom and at work full time my day gets filled pretty quickly, my filofax has ran out of space so I went and purchase an agenda called momAgenda, oh my god what can I say, I LOVE IT!! Its perfect for me. At the front you have your monthly notes, then it goes to week-by-week view with space for your own notes and space for up to four children. It also comes with a couple of pages of the top websites and blogs for moms. If you havent purchased your 2010 planner then i highly recommend the momAgenda.

LINK: momAgenda


  1. i love keeping a filofax and i totally get the point of making notes and comments...its so much fun!! than the blackberry or iphone..
    i love ur ideas..



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