Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Paper design

I think I might have spoken to soon. I read this on confasions blog. It seems that we do have a local stationary brand in Kuwait called Paper-Design.

Graduating with a degree in Graphic Design Fudha Al- Ateeqi is the face behind the brand. She started her career designing corporate identities and wedding invitations as a freelancer but always had a dream and soon her dream became her reality.
Paper-Design is also an online store where you can find adorable gift tags, cards and notebooks in addition to that she can create a customized invitation or greeting card for any occasion. I love collecting notebooks so one of my favorites is the perfect notebook.

The outside has pockets for your favorite pen and papers, I always seems to loose my pens! while the inside has a pocket to hold your notebook, and additional pockets to hold money, credit cards and just about anything else you need to carry. The elastic band will keep everything in its place but unfortunately its sold out.

It’s a breath of fresh air knowing that we have all these talents in Kuwait and I hope we see more of them.


  1. they have a nice neat website... really liked some of ther designs..i was more interested in scrap book but i see she doesnt have any..any idea where i could get good scrapbook other tha TSC :)

  2. Im not to sure, but ill keep my eyes open and if i find anything i will let you know :)



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