Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Little twinkles photography

I have been hearing a lot lately about little twinkles photography and im loving what I see. Her photographs are mesmerizing to say the least.She captures true moments between children and families. The great thing about her is that she comes to your house and takes photos using natural light. The photographs are vary natural and note posy which I love the most. Here is something I got from her website about the photographer.

The photographer:

I am not your ordinary photographer.. I love to capture the fun, the innocence and the pure joy of childhood.. if you are looking for a traditional portrait then I am not the photographer for you.. I capture life not just faces on paper.. I save records of childhood and to me everything is significant.. I try to develop myself in every way possible and to me everyday brings along a new lesson!

I'm a mother and a wife, self-taught photographer, a believer, a bookworm, sensitive, shy, faithful, and trusting, over-protective, self-conscious, vegetarian, Starbucks Junkie, dreamy, romantic, forgiving, thoughtful, forgetful and much more:)
Im definitely going to book a sessions with her. I will keep you updated ☺


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