Monday, 28 December 2009

Bonpoint - Kuwait

Whenever I travel I always make sure that my first shopping destination is Bonpoint. Bonpoint is a baby and children’s boutique. Its such a cute shop. The interior is so warm and cozy, it always smells so good and their collection is to die for! So you could imagine my surprise when I was shopping around in Salhiya and I passed Bonpoint !! I couldn’t belive it. Finally someone had the sense to bring this adorable store to Kuwait. I walked in and had a look around. I asked the sales lady how long they’ve been open and she said 2 months. I was surprised that they haven’t advertised the opening of them store. What I love most in Bonpoint is their gift collection. They have adorable onesies, socks and newborn sets that are so heavenly. Here are a few images I took of the store in Kuwait.

Bonpoint is located in AlSalhiya Complex, Second floor, next to Baby Dior


  1. wow..i never knew abt this show!! looks really kewl!! especially if u have to gift!!beautiful packaging!!

  2. Their newborn gift sets are so cute ! and their perfume is a must have for kids :)

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