Sunday, 4 July 2010

Trumpette Baby Socks

When I had my first baby you can say I went a little overboard with the shopping. I still have clothes 2 years later with tags on them, which I started to recycle and give them to friends who just had a baby shhhhhh! its our little secret ;) I always use to look for whats trendy and different, wanting my first born to stand out from the crowd hehehhe. One of the brands that I used to love and still do is Trumpette Baby Socks. Trumpette is about contemporary designs that are innovative, unique, and well-constructed. They are adorable and perfect as a baby shower gift. 

Are you wondering how you can get your hands on these haute baby socks ? Well the lovely girls at  The Manhattan just told me that they have received a small shipment of celebrity-loved "Trumpette" baby socks! so get them while they last :)


  1. Thank you "Nine Blossoms Team" for posting about Trumpette @ The Manhattan! Keep up the adorable work with your blog :)



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