Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Time for a change

I have never purchased a changing table for any of my kids. Most of the time I use the chest of drawers in the rooms as the changing table. I’m very flexible and can change my kids anywhere. But it is about time someone thought of a round changing table. How cool is this. Time for a change is a brand new company who has patented the round change table, one that obviously has many advantages over your standard changing table. It is round so that it fits into a corner not taking up a wall. With the round shape if your baby rolls over while on the table the baby will still be on the table safely. and the best feature about it is you will always be facing the baby while changing them and will be between their legs instead of the awkward side angle of standard tables.

This is another moment where I say, god why didn’t I think of that! hehehehe

The "Time For A Change" table should be on the market within the year! Watch for it!

Link: Time For A Change

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