Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Ministry of Health WAKE UP !!

I always get depressed whenever I go into a government hospital or clinic because of the poor conditions they are in. When you enter them its as if we are in another country, a country that doesn’t have all the privileges that Kuwait has. Today I had to take my son to get his vaccination at Mishref Clinic, a day that I always dread! As we walked in heading to the nurses room, my heart pounding as to the reaction of my son when he finds out its not just a routine check up I stand in shock to what I see in front of me.

Is this a scene you want to see walking in to a clinic? Does this give you the feeling that everything around you is clean and sterile, how a clinic should be. I felt like screaming from the top of my lungs !!! Where is the Ministry of Health, are they allowed to do this ? or do they just think they can get away with it? have all their disposables and waste thrown in the middle of the clinic ?? ☹ how sad is this?!? Im so frustrated and ashamed that people in my country are not educated enough to know that there is a place for waste and it is not in the middle of the clinic !!


  1. this is really really bad...very sad!! its all stacked up.. @_@

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  3. I know ! i hate it when the simplest things are neglected. How hard is it to get rid of waste properly !!



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