Sunday, 6 December 2009

These are a few of my favorite things…

Etsy is one of my favorite sites to browse through, I actually think im addicted to it! I often find my self 2 hours later with a shopping cart filled with items I adore adrenalin rushing through me as I click the purchase button… is that weird ? Well here are a few of my favorite shops. I thought I could do a weekly roundup of my Etsy finds to share with all the mommies out there… enjoy ;)

1. culpeper general: Stamp your tummy with a due for delivery date! This will answer questions about when that baby is coming out and with pink or blue ink, the question of sex too.

dress me up: The design of the Organic Teething Bonbon is simple and effective. Baby chews on the frozen knots to help sooth their tender gums. The wool centre keeps Baby's hands warm and dry. And the limited frozen area means no drippy mess.

3. Orange girl press: I think she just started as she only has this one kind of poster in multiple colors, it is a play on the Vintage Stay Calm poster which I think is just adorable.

4. Pretty Baby Bowtique: Your little princess will make a statement in this headband. The headband is perfect for her first photo shoot.

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