Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Suri’s high heel controversy

There has been a lot of controversy going on about suri wearing high heels. Some critics complained that the footwear could be detrimental to her physical development. "A common side effect of adults wearing heels too often is the tightening or shortening of the Achilles tendon," New York podiatrist Dr. Oliver Zong told Fox News.
Katie Holmes finally spoke up about it saying "Like every little girl, she loves my high heels," she tells Access Hollywood. "They are actually ballroom dancing shoes for kids," she tells Access. "I found them for her and she loves them."
Suri also "loves dancing and singing and she's just a joy," Holmes told Extra. "She loves it all."

Personally I don’t see anything wrong with it. I used to love to run a round in my moms heels.
It seems that heels for kids are the in thing now. I found these adorable first baby heels on a local online store called judeelala. They are so cute!

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